Kellys Property Management Services
Kellys Property Management Services (KPMS)

“Comprehensive Cleaning and
Property Maintenance Solutions”

Kellys Property Management Services (KPMS)

PO Box 22
Underwood QLD 4119
07 3841 2266
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Kellys Property Management Services (KPMS)


What sets us apart is that regardless of the services we supply, we are dedicated to excellence in our performance and complete client satisfaction.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Routine office cleaning
  • Lawns and landscape maintenance
  • Sundry supply including consumerables, paper towels and toilet paper, industrial-strength, environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Hygiene services
  • Handyman and trade services

Does your organisation have multiple needs? Kellys can fulfil all your cleaning and maintenance needs and you will receive only ONE invoice saving you time and money.

With a 24 hour client helpline, we are available 24/7 - need something urgently? You know who to call.

  • Fuel and chemical spills including environmentally-hazardous material
  • Emergency plumbing or electrical work
  • Emergency cleaning needs

Management Available 24/7 - need something urgently, look no further.

24/7 Client Helpline phone (07) 3841 2266.

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